RateMyCigar v2.1

RateMyCigar is a simple electronic cigar dossier designed to help you keep track of your cigars. Create a profile for each cigar and enter your comments, ratings, a photo, and other fine details. Mark the cigars that are currently in your humidor and randomly select a cigar to enjoy!

Available now on the Google Android Market!

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Quick Links:
1. Instructions on using the Backup and Import data feature
2. Instructions on using the web browser / camera photo tag feature
3. Instructions on displaying Cuban cigars
4. E-mail RateMyCigar Customer Support

Advertising opportunities for cigar retailers are now available! Please contact us for more details: ratemycigar@gmail.com

Release Notes:

v1.0 (May 2009)
- Initial release

v1.1 (December 2009)
- Support for Android v1.6 and new screen sizes
- Fix force-close issue when trying to add images on certain devices
- Added more cigars

v1.2 (January 2010)
- Fixed error when adding images on devices with no photos
- Added cigar import feature
- Added more wrappers

v1.3 (February 2010)
- Added Quantity field
- Improved cigar import feature
- Minor UI adjustments for certain devices

v1.4 (February 2010)
- Fixed cut-off text in cigar list on certain devices
- Added ability to e-mail cigar profiles

v1.5 (March 2010)
- Added new Change View menu
- Added new Quantity view to show humidor inventory
- Added ability to sort
- Minor UI adjustments

v1.6 (July 2010)
- Added "cigar database" with dropdown menus on cigar profile fields for easier data entry, supporting over one thousand brands and models
- Added "Save changes?" prompt when hitting back button in a cigar profile
- Added 'updated' status messages for cigar profile changes
- Updated icons and buttons
- Improved image display in cigar profile
- Hid soft-keyboard when opening a cigar profile
- Fixed backup/import feature on certain Android phones such as the HTC Evo 4G
- Fixed photo feature on certain Android phones such as the HTC Evo 4G

v1.7 (September 2010)
- Added Twitter button in the cigar profile
- Added Previous/Next arrow buttons to the top and bottom of the cigar profile
- Added the cigar size in the cigar list view to help distinguish between different ratings for the same model
- Updated cigar database with over 800 new cigars
- Added cigar model/brand/shape to the title bar of the cigar profile
- Added the ability to delete a photo on a cigar profile (press and hold on the photo)

v1.8 (January 2011)
- Improved import feature (import now supports multi-line comments)
- Added the ability to tag photos from the web browser
- Updated the cigar database (thank you for e-mailing me your cigars!)
- Added Cuban cigars
- Added new 'Cigar Display' settings to show only Cuban cigars, show only non-Cuban cigars, or show both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars

v1.9 (January 2011)
- Added 'Date Added' field for adding and aging cigars
- Added 'Last Enjoyed' field for keeping track of when a cigar was last enjoyed

v1.9.1 (January 2011)
- Fixed force-close issue on new installs
- Fixed wrong version number in the About popup

v2.0 (March 2011)
- Changed comments field to grow and scroll with multi-line entries
- Fixed issue with cigar profile dropdowns resetting when changing screen orientation
- Updated import/export feature to include 'Date Added' and 'Last Enjoyed' fields
- Added humidor statistics page
- Updated cigar database

v2.1 (May 2011)
- Added 'Reset All' feature to clear all cigars and reset personal settings
- Added 'Wish List' feature
- Added field for drink pairing in the cigar profile
- Added the ability to efficiently scroll through a large cigar list
- Added the ability to efficiently scroll through the brands dropdown list
- Updated cigar database, now with over 3,400 cigars

(List is currently being reviewed...)
- Add more sorting options
- Add the ability to add/remove cigars from the database
- Fix broken Twitter link on the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S
- Change statistics calculation to not include cigars that have a quantity of 0
- Add box code field for Cuban cigar smokers
- Update cigar database: please report missing cigars and errors to ratemycigar@gmail.com

- Add a seperate counter for the number of cigar profiles (vs number of actual cigars) - Add a "time to smoke" field to keep track of how long the cigar took to smoke
- Add a "smoke a cigar" button to automatically decrement the inventory and auto-update the last smoked field
- Add a field for 'place purchased'
- Add a humidifier refill reminder
- Add the ability to report cigar database errors
- Add the ability to search cigar profiles and cigar database
- Add tabs and the ability to browse the cigar database
- Add the ability to add a cigar rating from a cigar database profile
- Add multiple backup file format options, such as a CSV file without HTML encoding for readability and use with other applications
- Support multiple humidor lists
- Add setting to only show cigars with 'include in random selection' checked
- Add ability to take photos directly from the app
- Add ability to support multiple photos per cigar profile
- Add ring gauge and cigar length rulers
- Add configurable themes for improved look and feel
- Online community to share cigar comments and ratings
- Online sync to "the cloud" and access to your cigars ratings
- Cigar descriptions and history section
- Add cigars via barcode serial code scanning
- Gallery view for all photos used in cigar profiles
- Direct links to online retailers
- Add market pricing
- Thank you all for all the wonderful ideas and suggestions! :)

Please report any issues to ratemycigar@gmail.com

Thank you for your continual support! Your 5-star ratings and comments are highly appreciated!

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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